Monthly Archives: November 2019

Character Education is now becoming an essential part of 21st century education. In today's fast paced and dynamic world, where things are always on-demand, our students face new pressures that were never part of the yester-world. Passionate educators and ANPS committee members Yustina Sunarti and Richard Sidharta took the lead… Read More
ANPS members have more reason to rejoice as a new benefit launched this year includes school tours. We believe that the best way to learn is through collaboration and sharing with others, and the school tours are designed to serve as an avenue for this. Jakarta Intercultural School recently opened… Read More
Within a few short months, ANPS had the privilege of receiving the warmth and hospitality of Yogyakarta. After successfully completing our Roadshow there last year, ANPS committed to hosting our 15th Leadership Conference here, and to return for a second roadshow.  On Thursday, 17 October, 34 attendees from 13 schools… Read More