ANPS Conferences

ANPS Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is an annual conference presented by ANPS designed to provide a forum for school leaders and educators to engage an informed and insightful dialogue.

The Leadership Conference provides the opportunity for school leaders and educators to network and meet like-minded professionals. It is a great platform for leaders to exchange views and information about evolving education, leadership and innovation.

This conference is suitable for school owners, school principals, head of departments and educators who want to keep abreast with the current education world.

ANPS Teacher Conference

The Teachers Conference is our longest running event and welcomes hundreds of participants annually. We know that the teaching and learning experience is at the heart of our schools, and what better way to support our community then to have a day dedicated to our teachers professional learning, celebrations and building capacity. In what has been described as the annual event of choice for many schools, the conference invites speakers from around the region including Australia, Singapore and India, and taps on the immense talent available to us through our school network. With over 25 workshops every year, this truly has become the gold standard for international teacher conferences in Indonesia.

ANPS Early Childhood Conference

The ANPS Early Childhood Conference (ECC) is one of our most popular conferences. The ECC is an annual ANPS event which sees Early Childhood Educators from all over Indonesia gather together in one place to share best practices in this most vital of steps in our children’s educational journeys.

Our association reaches out each year to gather keynotes and expert speakers from within Indonesia and abroad to present interactive presentations and workshops. It is usually built around a broad central theme which helps to focus topics but which allows for a wide range of workshops to be run, drawing on the individual strengths of our speakers and workshops leaders.

ANPS Chinese Language Conference

The Chinese Language Conference aims to bring together Chinese language educators from across Indonesia to share best practices and to provide information regarding language learning and acquisition. The conference provides ample opportunities for teachers to share their learning and successes with other educators, creating a valuable network.

Topics of interest include classroom management, assessment, understanding Indonesian culture, educational theories and pedagogies related to Chinese teaching and learning.

ANPS Educational Technology Conference

The ANPS Educational Technology Conference gathers the most dynamic and innovative education leaders from Indonesia and around the world. The conference is the place for educators to come together and learn the latest on ed tech, build a community of dedicated peers, and gain ideas to achieve classroom and school technology goals.

The main aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for academics and professionals from various educational fields to share their knowledge and educational practices to the Indonesian community. This annual conference also serves to further the advancement and innovation in teaching and learning.

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