About ANPS

Who is ANPS ?

The Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) is a vibrant community of educators committed to best practices in teaching and learning in Indonesia. ANPS offers high quality professional development programs for educators with a focus on high-impact strategies for student learning.

ANPS was founded in 2001 by a few committed school leaders in Indonesia. It is the first organization devoted solely to the improvement of teacher competence for national and private schools in Indonesia. ANPS’s current membership includes national, private, and SPK schools, as well as individual educator who are passionate about education.


Our vision is to be the leading agent of change, by promoting excellence in teaching and learning for schools in Indonesia.


Our mission is to provide high quality professional development to increase pedagogical, administrative, leadership, and governance capacity in our member schools.

We help our schools understand and implement Education Ministry regulations and initiatives including accreditation, certification, and international partnerships.

We provide a network for collaborative empowerment, giving our schools’ students and teachers the opportunity to contribute in creativity, service, and innovation.

What do we do?

The Association of National and Private Schools hosts many professional development events in beautiful locations throughout Indonesia. Some of our annual events include the leadership conference, the teacher conference, the early childhood conference, the educational technology conference and the Chinese language conference.

ANPS also organises educational workshops and roadshows for educators in Indonesia. In addition, ANPS provides networking events to support the educational personnel like marketing, human resources, IT & system administrator, counsellors, and many others.

Who can join ANPS?

ANPS has two types of membership: School membership and Individual membership.

School membership is open to national, private and SPK schools in Indonesia, which provides preschool, or primary, or junior high school, or senior high school or informal educational programmes.

Individual membership is open to all educators who are passionate in education and would like to make a difference to Indonesia. All teachers, education personnel, student teachers, and school leaders are all welcome to join.

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