About ANPS

The ANPS – Bertaraf Internasional (ANPS – BI) is a non-profit organization of Indonesian schools that was founded with the aims of:

–  Promoting and developing education in Indonesian schools
–  Providing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff
–  Providing a forum in which practitioners and leaders could discuss common educational issues

Providing a means by which educational quality standards of National Plus Schools could be established and monitored

In 2001 the executive committee of the ANPS met to discuss what it was that made an Indonesian school a National Plus school. Since that original discussion, six drafts of the original policy document have been written and each executive committee has endorsed the seven major characteristics of an accredited national plus school. We have included the whole policy document later in this document so that you may view the details of each criterion. In 2007 we commenced the process of legalization and adopted new articles of association and a revised name. We are now known as the Association of National Plus schools, Bertaraf Internasional (ANPS- BI).

Vision & Mission


To inform and lead educational thinking and practice in Indonesian schools.


To advance, promote and enhance authentic educational practice in Indonesian schools by:
– Informing schools of current and emerging domestic and international educational thinking and practice.
– Influencing schools to adopt best practice techniques for student and staff learning.
– Supporting educational networks and interest groups.
– Promoting, developing and publishing ideas for improving the quality of education.
– Providing a forum in which practitioners and leaders can discuss and share common educational issues.
– Enhancing human resources services to facilitate teacher professional development and improve teacher qualifications.

ANPS has three broad purposes:

1.   To advance the interests of National and Private Schools throughout Indonesia by identifying, maintaining, supporting and verifying acceptable educational standards in member schools.
2.   To provide numerous and varied professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators employed by ANPS member schools.
3.   To represent National and Private schools to governments and the external community, where and when this is necessary and appropriate.

*To comply with the new government regulations on SPK (PermenDikbud No. 31/2014), and to accommodate the needs of schools beyond our current membership-base, we are changing the name of the ANPS to the Association of National and Private Schools (previously known as the Association of National Plus Schools).

The name change reflects the association’s growing dynamic and welcome all schools, i.e., national, national plus, and private schools with international standard. It is noteworthy that the ANPS is working closely with DIKNAS in an advocacy role for all non-national schools in Indonesia.

Committee of Management


Richard Sidharta
Thelma Poetiray


Yustina Ries


Gerald Donovan
Adam Marra


Dr. Tarek Razik


Rollando Madjid


Reynold Hutabarat


Shareen Ratnani