• PE Teachers Meeting
  • ANPS Annual General Meeting 2023
  • The 17th ANPS Leadership Conference 2023
  • The 5th ANPS Chinese Language Conference
  • Onsite Workshop: “Mindful Self-Care for Educators”
  • Virtual Workshop for Early Years Educators
  • Virtual Workshop for Pre-Primary & Primary Teachers, and Primary Counsellors
  • The 14th ANPS International Educators’ Conference 2023
  • ANPSmeet IT Heads & Managers
  • Upschool Online Onboarding Event
  • Workshop Regional Yogya & Central Java
  • ONSITE Makassar Workshop “Becoming an Adaptive Teacher”
  • ANPS SEL Online Workshop
  • Welcome Event Riau Schools
  • Welcome Event Makassar & Sulawesi Schools
  • Welcome Event Yogyakarta Schools
  • ANPS-Canva Webinar
  • ANPS 16th Leadership Conference
  • ANPSmeet Regional Sulawesi
  • ANPSmeet Principal
  • Virtual Workshop: Bahasa Indonesia SMP & SMA
  • Webinar: Rethinking Support Service Design in Schools
  • The 8th ANPS Early Childhood Conference 2022
  • The 2nd ANPS Technology Conference 2022
  • 13th ANPS Roadshow (Virtual): East Java, Bali, Kalimantan
  • Virtual Workshop: Chemistry Middle & High School
  • Virtual Workshop: English Primary
  • 12th ANPS Roadshow (Virtual): West & Central Java
  • ANPS Teachers’ Conference 2022
  • ANPSmeet School Covid-19 Taskforce Team
  • Virtual Workshop: English Primary
  • Virtual Workshop: Mathematics Middle & High School
  • The 11th ANPS Roadshow (Virtual): Sumatera
  • The 10th ANPS Roadshow (Virtual): Sulawesi Papua
  • “Building Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships in the Early Years Classroom”
  • “Utilizing Game-Based Education to Enhance the 21st-Century Skills” (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)
  • AI and Education
  • Providing Playful Experiences in the Early Years
  • Leading Playful Learning in the Early Years
  • Overview – The World History Project: Making History Useful and Usable
  • Protect your school from a cyber-attack: What do you need to know to reduce your schools cyber risk by 85%
  • ANPS 3rd Chinese Language Conference 2021
  • ANPSmeet Kepala Sekolah and National Curriculum Teachers
  • Teachers’ Conference 2021
  • Learning Mathematics with Technology: the Graphics Calculator
  • General Webinar: “The Big History Project plus more”
  • General Webinar: “From 1 Book to 40 Books a Year, How to Create Lifelong Readers”
  • ANPS General Webinar: “See The Good In Every Student: Positive Education – The Finnish Way”
  • Learning Mathematics with Technology: The Scientific Calculator
  • General Webinar: “Shaping the Future by Learning from the Present: making our schools even stronger in 2021”
  • ANPSmeet Webinar: SPK and its Policies
Our Events

The Association of National and Private Schools hosts many professional development events in beautiful locations throughout Indonesia. Some of our annual events include the leadership conference, the teacher conference, the early childhood conference, the educational technology conference and the Chinese language conference.

ANPS also organises educational workshops and roadshows for educators in Indonesia. In addition, ANPS provides networking events to support the educational personnel like marketing, human resources, IT & system administrator, counsellors, and many others.

Everyone is welcomed to attend our events – whether you are an ANPS school member, or ANPS individual member, or even if you are not an ANPS member but are passionate about education.

Please hop in!

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