Dear Educators,

Don’t miss your chance to attend the biggest ANPS International Leadership Conference “Navigating Global Education with Effective Leadership”, in partnership with NAPEI Malaysia and KORCOS Korean Overseas Council of Schools!

This will be our first and biggest International Leadership Conference partnering with overseas, which will take place on 7 – 9 September 2023 in Sheraton Kuta, Bali Indonesia. We will also be inviting other countries from Southeast Asia to participate on this event.

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Target audience include: school owners, school directors, head of schools, school principals, and educators. This event is the perfect opportunity to connect with education professionals from Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The conference will focus on how to succeed as a learning community, the importance of professional networking, global citizenship, cultural literacy, and sensitivity. Additionally, the conference will explore the role of leaders in blazing a pathway and building up the courage to try groundbreaking ideas in their respective communities. 

Attendees will leave the conference with a deeper understanding of how to lead their educational institutions towards global competence, create a global community, and provide students with the skills they need to succeed in a globalized world.

Conference Fee:
ANPS Members :                
Early Bird      Rp3,200,000/pax (payment before July 31st)
Normal Price    Rp3,800,000/pax (payment after July 31st)

Non-ANPS Members:
Early Bird          Rp 3.950.000/pax (payment before July 31st)
Normal Price    Rp 4.550.000/pax (payment after July 31st)
For Overseas schools
Early bird           USD 295
Normal price     USD 350

*Conference Fees includes the conference, welcome dinner and 2 coffee breaks & lunches

Deadline for registration: 22 August 2023

Accommodation for Indonesian Schools: (SOLD OUT)
Special Group Rate/night for ANPS valid from 6 – 10 Sep 2023 ( Single/Double Occupancy)
Sheraton Room IDR 1.900.000 net
Extra bed (Sheraton) IDR 650.000 net
Aloft Room IDR 1.100.000 net or USD 82
Extra bed (Aloft) IDR 450.000 net

Accommodation for Overseas Schools: (SOLD OUT)
Special Group Rate/night for ANPS valid from 6 – 10 Sep 2023 ( Single/Double Occupancy)
Sheraton Room USD 140 
Aloft Room USD 82  

Please kindly book your own flights.

All payment should be made to:
ANPS Account Details :
Aspirasi Nasional Pendidikan Swasta
Bank Cimb Niaga Kemang
Jl Kemang Raya Kav 1 Jakarta Selatan
Account No : 800158423200

Conference Schedule Outline:
7th September 6 PM – 9 PM: Welcome Dinner
8th September 8 AM – 4 PM: Conference
9th September 8 AM – 3 PM: Conference, continued with a school tour (School Tour to Canggu Community School OR Bali Island School)

CONTACT: WhatsApp Rini 08122191654 or email us:


Best Practices In Teacher Recruitment.

This presentation focuses on the challenges faced by schools, recruiters, and leaders in recruiting quality educators in the context of the dynamic growth of the international school market. The increase in the number of international schools, international and host country students attending international schools, and the need for expatriate educators continues to grow at an astounding rate. There quite simply are not enough expatriate educators to go around to staff this ever-expanding international school market with quality educators. This presentation will provide research-based guidance as to best practices in recruitment.

Ben Voborsky is the Head of School at Canggu Community School (CCS) in Bali, Indonesia. He is passionate about developing community culture and creating the most engaging educational experience for each student. Prior to joining CCS, Ben was a Deputy Superintendent in Dubai and served as a principal for ten years in International Baccalaureate Curriculum and American Overseas Schools around the world. He has previously taught Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, and English as an Additional Language. Ben holds a Masters in Education, US Certification as a Principal and Superintendent and his Doctorate. He is an active Council of International Schools team evaluation chair.

“Embracing the Changing Dimension of Leadership in Education for Sustainability and Progressive Growth:To Be or Not to Be?”

The great quote, “Leaders are not born but they are made”, provides us with the notion that leadership qualities are acquired through numerous platforms and avenues. Therefore, it is the most dangerous leadership myth that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. Based on this pertinent notion, it is truly crucial that all educationists are given
equal opportunities to be profound leaders in education to ensure that every institution and organisation under their purview will be administered ad managed with total professionalism, integrity and ethics. This presentations aims to share the roles and responsibilities in the
context of leadership in education that will elevate every institution and organisation to the level best in sustainability and progressive growth in both the blue and red ocean scenario. Issues and challenges will also be shared in the hope of seeking the right contextualised solutions in moving forward. With a clear comprehension of the landscape shift in education
leadership, sustainability and progressive growth will be the significant focus and outcome among leaders in education. “The leader is one who, out of clutter, brings simplicity…Out of discord, harmony… And out of difficulty, opportunity.”-Albert Einstein.

Dr.HC Aslam Khan Bin Samahs Khan obtained his academic and professional qualifications in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. He has also been awarded the Doctor of Exellence (Dr. Honoris Causa) in English Language Education and 21st Century Education. In 1992, he received the
National Excellent Teacher Award on Teacher’s Day. Since 1994 he had been a Senior Lecturer,
Master Trainer and Consultant in the English Studies Department and the Head of International and
Corporate Department at the Institute of Teacher Education Malaysia, Ministry of Education Malaysia.
In 2008 he was awarded with the title, “Excellent Senior Lecturer”. He has received four National Excellent Service Award and one International Excellent Service Award from Ministry of Education
Malaysia. In December 2022, he received The Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards for Best Education Sector/Community Award. He has vast experience in planning, implementing,
coordinating and managing national and international Teacher Education and Professional Training Programmes. He was a member of the National Steering Committee for Teacher Training Twinning Programmes between Malaysia and the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He also conducts consultation and advisory work for governmental and corporate organisations and academic institutions, both at national and international level. He was the Vice-Chair and Coordinator of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) for 15 years, a Government to Government
programme for the training of teachers, lecturers and educators from more than ninety countries.

He was the Project Manager of the Malaysia Australia Education Project for Afghanistan (MAEPA), a project to train Master Trainers in Teacher Education from Afghanistan under the Malaysian Government in collaboration with Australia and Afghanistan. He is frequently invited as a featured speaker at various national and international English Language and Education conferences and also as a reviewer for journal articles. He has contributed quite substantially in seminars, conferences, trainings, journal articles reviewing and programmes development in Indonesia for the past 15 years.

He has also served as an Executive Committee and Vice-President of MELTA (Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) for 23 years. He served the Ministry of Education Malaysia for 39 years prior to his retirement. Currently, he is the Academic Director and Executive Vice Chairman of
Erican Education Group,Malaysia, an Executive Council Member of NAPEI (National Association of Private Education Institutions),Malaysia, the Vice President 2 of MAE (Malaysian Association for Education), and also an Advisor and Committee Member of AsiaTEFL ProfNet. For your information, Dr. HC Aslam Khan is also a multilingual educationist. He is well-known for his inspirational tagline, “Let’s Change Lives And Make A Difference Through Education”.

The Secrets of Managing School Operations

Effective management of school operations is vital for creating a successful and sustainable organisation. This presentation aims to delve into the secrets of managing school operations, unveiling key strategies and practices that empower educational institutions to flourish.

In this session, I will explore various aspects of school operations management, including; the five must-have key governance documents, financial and property benchmarks, project management, risk management, marketing and professional growth. I will discuss the importance of benchmarking, the RACI model and annual organisation reviews to help streamline practices to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, I will delve into the secrets of successful staff management, emphasising the significance of a Business Operational Plan and a Professional Growth Plan to foster a positive organisational culture.

This presentation will highlight the significance of data-driven decision-making in managing school operations. I will also touch on sustainability and some quick wins for your School.

By the end of this session, attendees will have a deeper understanding of the secrets behind managing school operations and be equipped with practical knowledge and tools to enhance their institutions.

Jason Haseldine has over 25 years experience in finance roles across a range of industries, combined with several years in operations and general management.

Jason’s expertise is Governance, Business Planning, Communications, Operations Management and Strategy Development and Implementation.

Jason’s recent work includes all aspects of Financial Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Information Technology.

Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Australia, he is a Professional Member of the National Institute of Accountants, Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Unleashing Superheroes: Creating Agile Middle Managers in Schools!

Join me for an engaging presentation on creating agile middle managers in preschool and primary schools, where we explore the importance of agility in today’s educational landscape. Discover the key characteristics and strategies to cultivate agility among middle managers, fostering innovation, collaboration, and adaptability.

Learn why embracing change and developing an agile mindset are essential for middle managers to excel in their roles. There will be sharing of practical insights, from promoting continuous learning to empowering decision-making and encouraging cross-functional collaboration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your middle managers with agility tools and can navigate the challenges of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow. Join us in unlocking the power of agility in schools!

Junaida Aziz has been Head of Preschool and Primary in Singapore School Pantai Indah Kapuk since 2021. She is an experienced educator who has worked with leadership teams, governments and schools globally to introduce modern learning experiences, creating students who are ready for the future. She is an advocate of Educational Technology and believes strongly in creating effective academic leaders who can inspire teachers to take their pedagogy to higher levels.

“The Race to Impact the World”

There has never been such a perfect time, as now to learn what our purpose is and how each one of us is here to create a positive change in the World.
I believe that we have an opportunity to unite the future generations together around the world, so everyone can be seen and heard no matter where they live or the demographic they live in.
Together we can teach ourselves and our children, how to impact the world, how they can build their hopes, dreams and brands to connect together to unite, learn together to grow and impact on purpose, around what they truly believe in.
You are already a brand, after all, everybody is googling everybody. So how do you want to show up?”

Linzi is a global speaker, leading with purpose, and has grown and scaled thousands of businesses globally, combining both business and people. Linzi has worked with the London Stock Exchange, The Mayor’s Office and the UN Global Compact and is a regular presenter for BBC World.
She is known for being a global ambassador for purpose, with an aim to help millions of organisations and businesses to build and scale their causes/purposes, by supporting them to achieve sustainable change on the planet and showcasing their vision, insight and the determination of the entrepreneurs leading their businesses, industries and societal causes, to create a purpose-led world.

Nurturing A School As A Learning Organization

This workshop will explore how we as leaders of schools are responsible for creating and nurturing our schools as a learning organization. Professional learning, as opposed to professional development, is where faculty, staff, and students are empowered to learn and collaborate with their peers and actively and constantly contribute to their schools to become a holistic learning organization through a variety of methods and experiences. Mistakes are to be encouraged as long as we learn from them. As leaders of schools, we will touch on how we use our own knowledge and expertise to innovate and instigate change and move away from growing discretely in silos, to growing together as an organization. We will discuss and define what exactly is a learning organization and participants will be encouraged to contextualize our understandings on this day to their own unique settings. Furthermore, we will unpack the beliefs that exist and the challenges that we face as transformational leaders in moving our schools toward becoming a cohesive learning organization. Finally, in order for us to be able to achieve this, we shall delve into what leadership attributes and dispositions are required to be the leader of an effective learning organization.

Mike Miller is an experienced educator and leader with 20 years experience in international schools. Currently working at Bali Island School as Head of School, he also works with IB as a workshop leader and an evaluation leader for schools seeking authorization or evaluation of the Diploma Programme. Additionally, he works with the Council of International Schools (CIS) as an accreditation chair. Mike is passionate about leadership and sharing best practice with like-minded educators at our wonderful ANPS conference and network.

“Embracing Effective Leadership: Empowering Teachers and Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges”

In the realm of effective leadership, a comprehensive understanding of leading at all levels is paramount. Acknowledging this, we emphasise the importance of providing teachers with professional pathways for personal growth, simultaneously enriching the educational journey for their students. By fostering leadership skills from a young age, students are better equipped to surmount obstacles, seize a broader spectrum of opportunities, and eventually become the trailblazing leaders of the future.

In our exploration, we delve into the dynamic landscape of education, which is constantly evolving. Within this ever-changing context, we address both the challenges and opportunities that emerge, while presenting practical strategies to support school leaders, teachers, and students in confidently facing the future.

At the core of our educational vision lies a commitment to global citizenship. This entails an inclusive and collaborative approach to education and assessment. Our insights delve into the profound impact of cross-cultural collaborations, cultivating holistic educational experiences that empower both students and educators alike.

Join us as we navigate the transformative potential of effective leadership, nurturing a progressive educational environment where growth, inclusion, and collaboration flourish. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all.

Summer Xia is the British Council Country Director for Indonesia and the Head of South East Asia region, managing the overall portfolio of the British Council across ASEAN.

Summer brings more than 19 years of international cultural relations experience, having worked in China, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Azerbaijan, and Jordan, as well as the British Council Headquarters in London. Summer has held a variety of roles in Education, Marketing, Change Management, and Country/Regional Leadership.

A strong believer in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, Summer thrives on building long-lasting partnerships, connections, and trust through people-to-people engagement. Having previously served in Indonesia in 2013, Summer is excited to be back and lead the British Council team to strengthen links between the people of Indonesia and the UK.

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