September 7, 2023
Dear Educators, Don’t miss your chance to attend the biggest ANPS International Leadership Conference “Navigating Global Education with Effective Leadership”, in partnership with NAPEI Malaysia and KORCOS Korean Overseas Council of Schools! This will be our first and biggest International Leadership...
September 9, 2023
Registration Link: Ongoing Rundown:
November 4, 2023
“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” We’ve all heard this said many times, but it rarely comes with suggestions for how to fill that cup! If you are looking for practical, actionable strategies to help support your own wellbeing...
May 11, 2024
  🔤 🎈✨ Dear Early Years Educators! ✨🎈🔤 Embark on a transformative journey in literacy instruction with ‘From ABCs to Fluency: Crafting Literacy Skills in Young Learners,’ designed exclusively for educators. This invaluable resource delves into proven methodologies and innovative...
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