ANPS Leadership

Richard Sidharta
ANPS Chairperson

Richard Sidharta has been with ANPS since 2009 as a Committee of Management member, Vice Chairperson, and more recently as Chairperson since 2019.

Richard has been an educator for over 18 years, and has worked in various teaching and leadership positions at ACS Jakarta and at Beacon Academy. He is an educator at heart and an advocate for social and emotional learning and developing positive relationships in the classroom.

Hendro Widjaya is a compassionate educator with more than 18 years in education. He believes  that education is for everyone and students need to be given opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

Hendro has the passion to enhance Indonesia education and transform our society. He is now the Superintendent Operations of Bina Bangsa Schools, supervising 6 schools in Indonesia.

Hendro Widjaya
ANPS Vice Chairperson

Thelma Poetiray
ANPS Treasurer

Thelma Poetiray has been in education for more than 25 years. She was a teacher, supervisor, principal, school director and is currently the Head of Sekolah Lentera Kasih and Lollypop Preschools Holding organization.

Thelma is a passionate educator who is excited to share knowledge and experience school development at all levels.

Central Committee

Yustina Ries

Rollando Madjid, joined ANPS CoM in 2019 and has been in education and strategic level for more than 10 years. Currently in the position of the Director of Operations Mutiara Harapan Islamic School, and has lead his team of leaders in many strategic school developments and transformations. He is a lifelong learner who always aims for the best and is always curious to learn something new.

Rollando Madjid

Gerald Donovan

Gerald Donovan has been involved in Indonesian education for 21 years and has been a Head of School for the last 11 of those years. He currently leads North Jakarta Intercultural School.

Originally from Ireland, Gerald is a passionate advocate for student leadership, social and emotional wellbeing, and best practice in pedagogy.

Adam Marra is originally from New Zealand and has spent the past 18 years working in education. Adam is a dedicated and passionate educator who began his career as a teacher then moved into a coordinators position before spending 4 years as the head of a school in West Java. He is currently the Principal at Sekolah Lentera Kasih, Bali.

Adam Marra

Reynold Hutabarat

Reynold Bachtiar Hutabarat has a passion to be part in a mission to provide Indonesia’s young generation to a better access of quality education. He has been in the education sector for 15 years, mostly with Putera Sampoerna Foundation, being a teacher, curriculum coordinator, and principal. He is currently leading student success initiatives at Sampoerna University.

Shareen Ratnani has been a passionate educator for over 25 years, with a special expertise in early childhood pedagogy and parent education.

She is the co-founder of Kiddie Planet Montessori Preschools in Jakarta. She has facilitated teacher, parent and leadership training across the globe. Her moto is “One person and one change can impact humanity forever”

Shareen Ratnani

Regional Heads