“Celebrating 20 years serving the Indonesian community”

2001 – The Association of National Plus Schools (ANPS) was formed. Its members were private schools that referred to themselves as National Plus Schools with the intention to go beyond the minimum government requirements especially with the use of English as medium of instruction.

The ANPS had 3 major objectives: to advance the interests of national schools throughout Indonesia; to provide varied professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators employed by ANPS schools and to represent national schools to government and the external community.

2008 – The association changed its name to become The Association of National Plus Schools – Bertaraf Internasional (ANPS-BI). ANPS has developed an ambitious program of professional development of teachers, middle managers, administrators and heads/owners of schools. Progress has been sustained through a team of dedicated team of volunteer Committee of Management (COM).

2010 – ANPS launched the Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) with the aim of leading professional educational training, thinking and practice in national plus, SBI and international status schools in Indonesia.

2012 – Most national plus schools changed their licenses to become ‘international schools’ to offer international-based curriculums (e.g. IB/Cambridge). The ANPS continued with its mission to advance, promote and enhance educational practice in Indonesian private schools. Its vision remained to inform and lead educational thinking and practice in Indonesian schools. The acronym ANPS began to be known as Association of national and Private Schools.

2014 – Under an Education Ministry regulation in May 2014, all international schools in the country were given until December 1, 2014 to comply with sweeping changes in how they can operate. This regulation conceived at least two years earlier was part of a wider push by the Education Ministry to make the national education system reflect “Indonesian values”. The government created the following categories for schools and every international school in Indonesia applied for a new license (existing licenses to operate international schools were canceled). All ‘international schools’ were being named ‘SPK’ – Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama.

2021 – The Association of National and Private Schools celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The Association continues to expand its membership to serve the national, private and SPK schools; as well as individual educators who are passionate in education. The professional development programs offered are of high-quality, including the leadership conference, the teacher conference, the early childhood conference, the educational technology conference and the Chinese language conference. ANPS also organizes educational workshops and roadshows for educators in Indonesia. In addition, ANPS provides networking events to support educational personnel like marketing, human resources, IT & system administrators, counsellors and many others.

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