“Overview – The World History Project: Making History Useful and Usable”

World History Project – Making History useful and useable. Your students might be surprised at how much history influences our everyday lives. Past events such as the Black Death, the Columbian Exchange, political revolutions, and an era of global conflict shape our present. How? You’ll find out as you move through course and start to think like a historian. Starting with evidence, connect the people and events of history to understand the problems of today.

Whether you’re a veteran world history teacher or teaching it for the first time, Teaching WHP has content, skills, tips, and techniques to help you engage students in the classroom and to help them think like historians. The world History project is currently available in three variations Origins for the Big Bang), 1200 and 1750. No matter what context you choose examining these courses can help your students make better sense of our past, present, and future.

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Hayden Brown is the former Extension program coordinator at Broome Senior High School. Hayden balanced overseeing academic extension programs in Year 7 and 8, as well as teaching Humanities, Upper School Modern History and coordinating academic opportunities for students throughout the school. Hayden was approached by Gates Ventures 2016 to become a lead teacher and design partner of The Big History Project. Over the last 6 years Hayden has supported teachers globally to implement The Big History Project in their own schools as well as taking part in pilot programs and development projects with Gates Ventures, to improve and expand the Big History Project course.

In 2020 Hayden moved to Halls Head College in the Peel region of Western Australia, where he is working as part of the academic extension team to combine virtual reality film making, Aboriginal perspectives and Big History skills with the WA curriculum requirements of the teaching program.  Although the current global situation has forced the cancelation of many in person Speaking engagements Hayden has virtually presented on digital platforms for teachers in Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and the USA.

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