“Utilizing Game-Based Education to Enhance the 21st-Century Skills”
(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

The increase of internet use, broadened connectivity and mobile access to educational content have sharpened the focus on digital literacy and the 21st century skills. Curriculum across levels is re-examined to fulfil the needs for global employment market in the future. Learning processes are shifted into a more personalised, competency-based, and multimedia dependent processes.

Game-based education comes under the fundamental idea of the importance of play. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of game-based education such as to escalate students’ motivation, teach the 21st century, and provide systematic data for further educational purposes.

Game-based education usually complies with experience-based learning which is very useful for children to engage themselves in the game, understand the context and discover the learning content. The children’s active participation in the game enables them to own their own learning, making learning becomes more personal and entertaining. Therefore, students can be more motivated in learning.

Moreover, most games are built upon the principal ideas of discovery and problem-based learning, therefore students are bound to solve problems within the games. Thus, critical thinking and creativity can be strengthened.

In game-based education, all data can be collected and analysed relatively easily, such as social learning behaviours. This allows for individual and group mapping, comparative, and longitudinal studies. These studies are essential in designing the “new learning” and ensuring that the students can actively engaged in their learning.

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Syaiful Lokan is an educational practitioner with more than two decades of experience in teaching, managing, and building schools. With his dedication to developing a better generation who possess 21st-century skills, Syaiful has been promoting game-based education through ICANDO.

Syaiful is experienced in giving educational workshops under 21st-century skills, game-based learning, and cooperative learning themes. He has been training teachers all over Indonesia, such as Jakarta, East Java, Nias, Pekanbaru, Rengat, Makassar, and Kupang.


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