Calling School Leaders in Indonesia & Malaysia!
Embark on a transformative journey of educational leadership at the 18th ANPS International Leadership Conference, together with NAPEI Malaysia:

🗓️ Date:
5 – 7 September 2024
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Malaysia

🎙️ We’re thrilled to announce our esteemed keynote speakers: Prof Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, Rector of International Islamic University Malaysia, and David Butcher, The Head of School of British School Jakarta, Indonesia. Their expertise promises to ignite dialogue, inspire action, and drive innovation in educational leadership.
🤝 Moreover we have invited great school leaders from Indonesia and Malaysia to exchange insights, and forge partnerships that transcend borders and boundaries.

🚌  As an added program, we are thrilled to offer an optional school tour program on 5th September 2024 to visit Asia Pacific Schools and IGB International School.

💼 Registration details:
Conference Fee:
Rp 4,950,000/pax
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Accommodation:
Rp 1,950,000 per night/room (including breakfast)
School Tour (Optional)
Rp 499,000/pax

🔍 This Conference is OPEN for PUBLIC both for ANPS members and non-members.

As this is our 1st Conference conducted overseas, we would like to support our ANPS members by extending the following subsidies:

– Rp 750,000 subsidy on the Conference Fee for ANPS participants (early payment before June 20th, 2024)
– Rp 400,000 subsidy on hotel accommodation for ANPS participants staying at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur (limited rooms)
– Rp 500,000 subsidy on tickets for ANPS participants residing outside Java and Sumatera (limited to 1 participant per school)

Seize the opportunity to amplify your leadership impact, share best practices, and contribute to a brighter future for education. If you are not ANPS member yet, this will be a good chance for you to register to be our member.

Please kindly book your own flights.
All payment should be made to:
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Aspirasi Nasional Pendidikan Swasta
Bank Cimb Niaga Kemang
Jl Kemang Raya Kav 1 Jakarta Selatan
Account No : 800158423200

Conference Schedule Outline:

5th September
  • 8 AM – 3 PM: School Tour (Limited Participants)
  • 6 PM – 9 PM: Welcome Dinner
6th September 8 AM – 4 PM: Conference
7th September 8 AM – 3 PM: Conference
Registration Link:
“The Future of Education: Learning from the Pandemic”

“Cultivating cultural competence and empowering educators for global citizenship”

In today’s interconnected world, leaders and educators are pivotal in nurturing responsible global citizens. This workshop aims to empower leaders with tools for fostering global citizenship, cultural literacy, and cultural sensitivity.

Global Citizenship: Participants will explore principles like diversity, human rights, and critical thinking. Participants will learn to instill these values in staff and students, encouraging them to tackle global issues proactively.

Cultural Literacy: Educators will delve into understanding diverse cultures, fostering empathy and tolerance. Real-life examples will illustrate how cultural literacy enriches teaching, with practical tips for integration.

Cultural Sensitivity: The component emphasizes combating biases and stereotypes in education. Educators will learn strategies to promote inclusivity, creating safe spaces where faculty and students feel valued and empowered to express their identities.

Through interactive discussions and activities, leaders will gain the knowledge and skills to cultivate a globally minded community within and beyond their classrooms, shaping a brighter, more inclusive future.

Expected outcome of the presentation: After completing this workshop, leaders and educators can expect to foster a globally minded community by instilling principles of global citizenship, cultural literacy, and cultural sensitivity.

Leaving with tools to promote diversity, human rights, and critical thinking, they’ll empower staff and students to address global issues. Enhanced cultural understanding will enable them to integrate diverse perspectives into teaching, fostering empathy and tolerance.

By combating biases and promoting inclusivity, leaders and educators will create safe environments where all staff and students feel valued and empowered. Overall, this workshop equips leaders to shape a brighter, more inclusive future within and beyond their classrooms.

Bio: Mike Miller is an experienced educator with nearly 25 years in international education. Currently serving as Head of School at Bali Island School, he also works with the Council of International Schools as an accreditation team chair and International Baccalaureate Evaluation Leader. A dedicated lifelong learner, Mike shares his wealth of experience as an IB Workshop Leader and school leader, fostering growth and development in educational communities worldwide.

“Learning Environments Today: Fostering Engagement and Achievement through Transformation and Change”

In response to the wisdom of John Dewey and Sir Ken Robinson, this presentation addresses the imperative of aligning education with the dynamic needs of today’s students. Emphasizing the necessity of adapting to the evolving educational landscape, the discussion explores current best practices in learning.

Barrett’s research reveals that agile learning environments significantly enhance academic performance, particularly in reading, writing, and mathematics. Personalized, flexible classrooms contribute to 25% of academic improvement, granting students autonomy. In mathematics, 73% of student progress is linked to comforting classroom designs that alleviate anxiety.

The symbiosis between flexible learning spaces and evolving pedagogy is examined, disrupting traditional teaching dynamics and empowering students while boosting academic engagement. Inspired by Heard & McDonough, the presentation underscores the creation of environments fostering wonder, mystery, and discovery to nurture innate curiosity.

Ultimately, this presentation aims to inspire educators and school leaders to reassess and reshape learning environments, cultivating a future-ready generation passionately dedicated to exploration, discovery, and lifelong learning.

Expected outcome of the presentation:

Awareness of Educational Evolution: Participants will gain a heightened awareness of the evolving educational landscape and the critical need to align teaching methods with the dynamic needs of contemporary students.

Impact of Agile Learning Environments: The session will convey Barrett’s research findings, demonstrating how agile learning environments significantly improve academic performance, with a specific focus on reading, writing, and mathematics.

Significance of Personalization: Educators will recognize the importance of personalized, flexible classrooms, understanding that 25% of academic improvement can be attributed to granting students autonomy within their learning spaces.

Pedagogical Transformation: Educators will explore the symbiotic relationship between flexible learning spaces and evolving pedagogy, realizing the potential for transformative shifts in teaching dynamics and increased student empowerment.

Inspiration for Environment Creation: The session will inspire participants to create learning environments that spark wonder, mystery, and discovery, fostering innate curiosity among students.

Call to Action: Ultimately, school leaders will be motivated to reassess and reshape their learning environments, actively contributing to the cultivation of a future-ready generation passionately dedicated to exploration, discovery, and lifelong learning.

Bio: Ben Voborsky is the Head of School at Canggu Community School in Bali. Ben is passionate about developing community culture and creating the most engaging educational experience for each student. Prior to joining CCS, Ben was a Deputy Superintendent in Dubai and served as a principal for ten years in International Baccalaureate Curriculum and American Overseas Schools around the world. He has previously taught Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, and English as an Additional Language. Ben holds a Masters in Education, US Certification as a Principal and Superintendent, and his Doctorate in Instructional School Leadership. Ben is currently working collaboratively with his community revisioning and future focusing their learning spaces. 


Breaking Barriers: Sustainable Leadership

In this ever-changing world, educational institutions face different challenges which will require different coping strategies. We will talk about real example often faced by educational leaders in dealing with teachers and students well-being as well as clients’ expectation.

Topics to discuss are as follows:
• Sustainable leadership inspired by performance trust quadrant and creating a circle of safety in the organization.
• Infusing values of humanity to the learners in the technology-infused educational approach. (a touch in the CAS as the core mandated in IB Diploma Programme)
• Breaking barriers of learning especially with different learning requirements. (implementing inclusivity in “exclusive” SPK schools)
• Balancing teachers’ and students’ well-being with academic expectations and competitiveness.
• Paradigm shift in educators and educational leaders
Through this discussion, it is expected that participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their educational practices, gain useful insights to suggest to policy makers and to inspire implementation in real- world settings.

Expected outcome of the presentation: Through this discussion, it is expected that participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their educational practices, gain useful insights to suggest to policy makers and to inspire implementation in real- world settings.
Bio: Caroline Widjanarko have served in Tzu Chi School for 13 years leading the Primary School since 2011 and been assigned in the Secondary unit starting year 2020. She earned her Bachelor of Psychology from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from De La Salle University, Manila.
As a licensed principal acknowledged by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and a certified educational leader awarded by the University of Queensland, Caroline is committed to education and the future of young generations. She also serve as an Evaluation Leader for the Asia Pacific region in the International Baccalaureate Organization supporting fellow IB schools to meet the programme requirements.
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