Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing markets for EdTech. Jeffrey will share the insights of current education technology trends in Indonesia and APAC regions, and how schools in Australia, Dubai and Taiwan adopt the latest interactive display technology to create blended teaching and smart classrooms.

Craig will share the principles he has used to design and build creative spaces in New Zealand, India, Nepal and Indonesia. These principles are drawn from best practice around the world and his PhD research. You will leave this session with a set of easy-to-implement creative-spaces ideas that will transform the way your students learn, collaborate, communicate and exercise their creativity

Turn your students into explorers and storytellers with Virtual Reality (VR). Immerse them into different ways of viewing the world with Augmented Reality (AR). Prepare the students to become future ready citizens with Google for Education tools.

New educational software and gimmicks arepublished at breakneck speed, making it extra- difficult for educators to choose and use it intheir classes.In this session, instead of learning newsoftware or device, we will pause, breathe,and reflect on our current usage of softwareand devices. How has it been helpful? Whatare the limitations? Should we stop using thatand get something “new”?Participants are encouraged to bring their owndevice / software that they have been using inclasses.

Nowadays, the world revolves very quickly, and the demand of programming has been growing over the past decade. The problem is that teaching or learning coding might be overwhelming for beginner.
Therefore, through this session, the participant will experience hands on activities on how to implement gamification in the classroom. Participants will get to “play” games which made as part of learning activity to get to learn
the basic HTML coding for beginner.

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STEAM learning has been proven to develop students’ transdisciplinary competence. By integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, students are able to transcend their perspectives to create changes and contribute to society. Google Earth is a set of Google Suite for Education tools, dedicated to teachers in providing world class education to students around the world. This presentation would elaborate on how teachers can optimize Google Maps, Google My Maps, Google Earth Timelapse, Tour Creator, and Expeditions for technology integration, mathematics analysis, and engineering mapping for STEAM learning.

iPad is transforming the way we teach and learn. Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content make for innovative learning. All on a device everyone already loves to use. For students with diverse learning needs, iPad technology can play a key role in removing barriers, differentiating instruction and providing tools to accommodate their learning needs and access to the school curriculum. During the session, we will explore the range of options using an iPad to assist teachers to enhance and differentiate student learning, and to enhance innovative teaching and learning.

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In this workshop participants from different level with prior or no coding experience at all can join this introductory STEAM-based coding lessons. Participants will select a coding platforms that is most comfortable to work with; scratch jr. scratch, MIT App Inventor, or Python. This workshop will guide participants how to implement 21st Century Learning effectively. Participants will experience a classroom with different level of students, different level of coding competencies, different platform but they have create their own apps in order to graduate. Coding for K12 should not train students to be programmers, instead they will be problem solvers and innovators.

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