Dear ANPS Members,

We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Adobe, a leader in the provider of industry-leading creative software. ANPS and Adobe are tying up to provide our schools access to the entire Adobe suite for a staggeringly low price for the benefit of our students and teachers.

I highly recommend you to ask your IT / Systems Administrators and any leaders responsible for the integration of educational technology to join this webinar. This webinar will include the details on how to set up an Adobe dashboard for your school. We will also be communicating with you the special pricing you will receive as an ANPS school.

If you believe in harnessing the power of creativity for your community, there is no better way than to provide the Adobe Creative Cloud service to your students and teachers. And as an ANPS School, this is now more affordable than ever.

Please click here to instantly join the webinar.

This event is free and exclusively for ANPS members. Kindly contact Rini at to learn more about your membership benefits.

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