On Thursday, 2 May 2019, ANPS hosted a multi-event at the Mentari Intercultural School, Jakarta. The morning started off with Dr. Tarek Razik (Jakarta Intercultural School) leading the ANPSmeet for Leadership and Governance.

The session was extremely well received with Indonesian and expatriate principals attending from x number of schools, across x number of cities around Indonesia including Bali, Makassar and Jogjakarta. An ANPSmeet is a member-only event that is designed to provide professional development and networking opportunities to the administrative staff of our schools.

This was followed by lunch, a presentation from our key sponsors BenQ and Nuadu, and then our main event, the Annual General Meeting. At the AGM, Richard Sidharta presented ANPS’ plans as we move forward to celebrate 20 years of the association. New details including membership benefits for individuals and institutions were released. Key dates for all our major events including conferences, roadshows and new ANPSmeet topics were also discussed.

Most of the information can now be found on our newly launched website on www.anps.id. The website is still under progress so please keep checking back for more information.

The afternoon ended with a Question and Answer session. We encourage all members to contact our Secretary at mail@anps.id to renew their memberships, and discover more about what your school receives as a member of the ANPS family.

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